Ha Ha Tonka State Park

  Ha Ha Tonka State park is comprised of approximately 2,697 acres on the Niangua Arm of the Lake of the Ozarks, five miles southwest of Camdenton, Missouri.  The most significant natural and man-made features, however, are concentrated in a 750 acre area adjacent to the lake and its confluence with Ha Ha Tonka Spring.  Within this area exists a rich mixture of natural beauty, geologic oddity, and abiding mystery unequaled in Missouri  
  Cultural History:
The vertical stone ruins of Ha Ha Tonka castle are nearly all that remain of one man's dream.  In the early 1900's Robert Snyder conceived a private retreat, the centerpiece of which would be a magnificent European-style mansion or castle.  The mansion was designed with 60 rooms grouped on three floors around a central hall rising three-and-a-half stories upward to a skylight.  A stone carriage house, an 80 foot high water tower, and nine greenhouses were built to attend the main house.

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  Natural History:
Geologically, Ha Ha Tonka is a classic example of "karst" topography, a landscape that is characterized by sinks, caves, underground streams, large springs, and natural bridges.  Karst topography is the result of water percolating through porous underlying dolomite bedrock and causing it to dissolve.  The weathering action of the water on the rock after many years forms the various karst features.

In a broader sense, Ha Ha Tonka State Park is part of the Osage River Hills region of the Ozarks, a transition area between the prairie landscape farther west and the rugged forested hills farther east.  Trail users will find not only a diverse assemblage of natural geologic wonders, but also a wide array of forest, savanna, and glade communities.



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